View Menu List

At the bottom of the View area you can select a layout of the drawing to be viewed.

Pan #

As a view is being panned, the cursor changes to indicate when you have reached the virtual extents of the drawing.

  • Menu: View/Pan
  • Hotkey: P or R 
  • Pan Button
  •  Right Click and then choose “Pan”

Zoom #

Zoom windows #

Zoom to display an area specified by a rectangular window.
With the cursor, you can define an area of the model to fill the entire window.

Zoom in/out #

Zoom interactively to change the magnification of the view.
The cursor changes to a magnifying glass with plus (+) and minus (-) signs. See Zoom Shortcut Menu for a description of the options that are available while zooming in real time.

Zoom All #

Zoom to display all visible objects and visual aids.

3D view #

3D Orbit #

Move around a target. The target of the view stays stationary while the camera location, or point of view, moves. The target point displays temporarily as a small, dark sphere. The method used for locating the target point is determined by the ORBITAUTOTARGET system variable.

Full screen mode #

Choose “Full Screen” or “Control+U“ to view as full screen.

Regen #

Regenerate the drawing from within the current viewport.
REGEN regenerates the drawing with the following effects:
• Recompute the locations and visibility for all objects in the current viewport
• Reindex the drawing database for optimum display and object selection performance
• Reset the overall area available for real-time panning and zooming in the current viewport

Undo #

The simplest method of backtracking is to use the UNDO or Ctrl+Z commands to undo a single action.

Redo #

You can reverse the effect of UNDO command by using REDO (Ctrl+Y) immediately after using UNDO.

Cancel a Command #

You can cancel a command without completing it by pressing Esc.

Repeat last command #

• Right click choose “repeat”
• Press spacebar

B/W Mode #

Change to black/white to display the drawing

Background color setting #

Choose the background color, such as white, black, gray

Rotate entire drawing #

Previous/Next drawing #

Quickly open drawings in the same folder

Hide toolbar/status bar/layout tabs/Command line #

Show sheetset bar #

If you open the sheetset drawing, the sheetset bar will be displayed automatically, and you also can hide it with enter “Ctrl+S”.
You can manage multiple drawings as sheet sets with the Sheet Set Manager:
• A sheet is a selected layout from a drawing file. You can import a layout from any drawing into a sheet set as a numbered sheet.
• A sheet set is an organized and named collection of sheets from several drawing files. You can manage, transmit, publish, and archive sheet sets as a unit.

Right click view menu #

In the view mode, just right click the window, you may see following quick view tools.