Top 6 PDF to DWG Converters

PDF to DWG conversion is an essential task for professionals in the design and engineering fields. It allows you to extract precise drawings and dimensions from PDF files for further editing and modification in AutoCAD or other CAD software. To help you streamline this process, we’ve compiled a list of the top PDF to DWG converters, including both paid software and free online tools.


PDF underlays in drawings created with previous AutoCAD releases can be converted into editable drawing geometry using the PDFIMPORT command.

Prior to AutoCAD 2017, it was not possible to convert a PDF file to a DWG file using AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.

PDF files could only be inserted as underlays (external references). The content could then be traced and scaled to known dimensions, if desired.

Using PDFIMPORT with PDFs created from scanned images/documents will result in the creation of a raster image file, which is then attached to the drawing as an xref.

The raster imagery will not be converted into editable geometry.

AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter #

AutoDWG is one of the most popular PDF to DWG Converter providers and likely one of the earliest manufacturers to offer this service. Since 2004, AutoDWG has been dedicated to PDF and DWG file processing technology, offering a range of software products for format conversion. Converting PDF to DWG can save users hours of time, making it convenient for them to extract drawing content from PDFs for opening and processing in CAD software.

AutoDWG’s PDF to DWG Converter operates at a rapid pace. After selecting the PDF for conversion and clicking the convert button, the process usually concludes in under a minute. The resulting DWG file faithfully reproduces the original lines, arcs, and text. If the PDF contains layers, the output DWG file maintains the original layer structure. AutoDWG’s program has the capability to extract and interpret graphical and textual information from PDF files, reconstructing and generating files in the DWG format. This offers a noticeable technological advantage compared to competitors that use PDF virtual printers to produce DWG files.

AutoDWG’s website offers free trial downloads. The trial version allows for the free conversion of several files each day, and it maintains high-quality output and precision, closely resembling the original DWG drawings. Many times, the trial version already meets users’ needs. The purchased version is a one-time payment for permanent use, making it suitable for employees who require regular PDF and CAD drawing operations. There are no software expiration or upgrade hassles to worry about.

Any PDF to DWG Converter #

Using similar technology, or being affiliated with the same supplier: Aidecad

Any PDF to DWG Converter offers a straightforward and efficient method for converting PDFs to DWG format. It provides user-friendly features, ease of use, and compatibility with multiple DWG versions. This tool simplifies the conversion process, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. It also offers batch processing options, allowing the conversion of multiple DWG files in one go.

However, it’s worth noting that Any PDF to DWG Converter uses a technology that involves passing information from a virtual PDF printer to the DWG file format. As a result, the lines, arcs, and text in the output drawings may not accurately reproduce true DWG content.

PDFTron PDF converters #

Using similar technology, or being affiliated with the same supplier:EasyPDF,investintech,convertPDFtoAutoCAD,comdocs,xodo,

PDFtron is a developer SDK provider that offers pdf2Data solutions for vendors like EasyPDF. This technology effortlessly extracts content from PDFs and converts it into structured data, unlocking unparalleled levels of productivity and accessibility. It’s worth noting that PDFtron has recently been renamed as “aprys.”

PDFtron, along with its affiliated website, provides a rich array of document conversion products, including PDF2Word and PDF2Excel, among others. One of their prominent PDF parsing products is PDF2AutoCAD. However, it’s important to mention that the primary product in this category is Able2Extract by Investintech. The features of this product include: Convert PDF files to all major formats including Excel, Word, AutoCAD… Create PDF files from WebP images and vice versa. Extract scanned PDF content using OCR with multi-language support. Extract all images from PDF as individual image files. Compare two PDF files side-by-side and highlight the differences.Process hundreds of files in one go with batch conversion. Bulletproof your PDFs with passwords and add electronic and digital signatures.  Easy-to-use UI and Dark theme support for even more efficient workflows. Fully compatible with Windows 11 and Microsoft Office 2021。

In comparison, PDFtron boasts powerful PDF OCR functionality, making it well-suited for handling scanned PDF drawings when converting them into DWG files. However, there are limitations in the types of line formatting it supports in the resulting DWG files, such as dashed lines and filled entities. This limitation may stem from differences in PDFtron’s understanding of CAD file formats or potentially information lost during the PDF saving process, which can be challenging to recover programmatically.

Free Online Converters #

Zamzar #

Zamzar is a versatile online file conversion tool that supports PDF to DWG conversion. It’s user-friendly and can handle a wide range of file formats. Keep in mind that the free version may have limitations such as file size restrictions and watermarked output,While it’s suitable for basic conversions, the accuracy may vary for complex drawings.

AutoDWG PDF to DWG online #

It requires 3 simple and easy steps for you to convert PDF to AutoCAD using AutoDWG free online conversion services, no program downloading and installation required, no email registration required, it’s Anonymous, safe and secure. Simple as open web-page and do following steps:

  1. Upload a PDF from your computer,
  2. Wait for conversion to finish,
  3. Download the converted DWG file.

The conversion from PDF to DWG usually takes about one or two minutes. The speed of conversion depends on the file size, its complexity and the speed of your Internet connection. The larger and the more complex your PDF drawing, the longer the conversion will take.

It’s totally free and no watermark, no hiding fees, highly recommended.

When it comes to PDF to DWG conversion, the choice of converter depends on your specific needs. Paid software like Able2Extract Professional, AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter, and others offer robust features, accuracy, and customization options. For occasional users, free online converters like AutoDWG PDF to DWG online and Zamzar provide a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Consider the complexity of your PDFs, your workflow requirements, and your budget when selecting the most suitable PDF to DWG converter for your projects. These top 6 options cover a range of needs, ensuring that you can efficiently transform PDFs into editable DWG files for your design and engineering tasks.