Install & uninstall

Install #

Please download the installer from AutoDWG website, home page or
Find the product that you are looking for, and click download free trial to save the installer to
your local drive, or select “run it”, if your browser pop up warning message when doing this,
please click to accept.
Please launch the installer and click “Next” to install AutoDWG program.

Uninstall #

You can uninstall it by running the installer or using the Control Panel Add or Remove
Application (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Windows Vista, 7, 8) options.

Run the installer to uninstall #

Please find the installer or re‐download it from our website,
Launch the installer and then choose “remove” to uninstall AutoDWG program.

Use the Control Panel/Add or Remove Application #

AutoDWG program can be uninstalled from your Windows through Control Panel.
Please Go to Programs and Features or Programs > Uninstall a Program.