How to use DWGSee floating license?

AutoDWG Floating License Server allows to using AutoDWG products on several computers in TCP/IP network. Every time a client application uses a floating license, it connects to the Floating License Server and gets (“leases”) a license from the server and the number of available licenses on this server is decreased. When a client application finishes its work, the license is returned to the Floating License Server and it is available for other machines.

The server must be running before the client applications can get a license.
Operating Systems:
AutoDWG Floating License Server supports the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:
•Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
•Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019

Server installation:
Please download the AutoDWG Floating License Server from following link. (64bit)
In order to setup AutoDWG Floating License Server application, perform the following steps:
1) Run AutoDWGLicenseServer.exe and follow the onscreen instructions.
2) After finishing the installation, the AutoDWG license server icon will appear in the system tray, which looks like an “a”.
3) Right click the icon and select Administrator in the popup menu. Server Administration Console window will appear.
Note, it is requested to run it with system administrator. Please right click on the installer program and select “Run as Administrator”

Client installation:
Please download the AutoDWG product from following link.
In order to setup DWGSee to get the license from server, perform the following steps:
1) Run DWGSee on a client computer.
2) Selecting Help>Register > Floating License Registration…. Floating License dialog box will appear.
3) In the Floating License dialog box check Use Floating License Server option.
4) Specify IP address of the server in the Host field.
5) Set a TCP port of the server (if changed, as default it is 10080) in the Port field.
6) Click OK.
Note, it is requested to run it with system administrator. Please right click on the installer program and select “Run as Administrator”
Such settings can be preliminary configured in DWGSee product, please let us know your server IP/Port, we can provide a customized version for bulk distribution and settings for free.

Start up license:
A txt file that records usage of AutoDWG product license and some server information. Do not edit this file.
Once the server and AutoDWG products are implemented, the floating license system is up and running, the concurrently usage of AutoDWG product is counted and recorded on the server end. Please check out this file from server program installed directory, file name Startup-license.lic. This is a text file for you to estimate how many users license is required. Please also email it to us for the license server authorization, which is bind to your server hardware.
If you are unable to find this file directory, please go to the desktop short cut, right click it and select “property/shortcut/target…”

Server activation:
A final step of authorize your AutoDWG network license server.
Once the amount of license is decided and product purchase is finished, we will be able to activate your license sever with an activation code. Please reconfirm the server machine code and server IP/Port, so that we can provide license activation accordingly.

Networking license mechanism:
Every five minutes the license server and the product send a heartbeat message to each other to verify that they are mutually communicating. If the product and the license server have been exchanging heartbeat messages but there is an interruption in the exchange (for example, there is a power failure), the product goes into a grace period, and it still runs as if it is still connected to the license server. The grace period can last 30 days, long enough for server recovery, and the grace period is automatically terminated once the product heartbeat messages recover.

Offline mode license:
Some supreme users need to operate the AutoDWG product in a disconnected mode (not connected to the server), i.e. a user needs to access this program on his laptop during his business trip. This can set by the administrator on server console, by selecting user’s
computer from the list, right click on it and choose “Lock GP” to make it dedicated license for this computer. In this case, heartbeat messages are not exchanged, this computer is forced run as grace period, and resume 30 day limit once it back online, it last almost forever unless the server admin command it to “Unlock GP” with the same way (this can be performed any time, but take affect when this computer is reconnected). All offline mode licenses are glow as green and sticky on top of the list. The computer which requires offline mode license need to connect to the server at least once, during server admin can switch on this mode for it.